Functionality and Beautification

A well planned outdoor space should
be an experience.
We design and build
immersive, emotional and functional
We maintain and nurture greenspace
to ensure health
and beauty that adds value
to any investment.

Medium and High Density Maintenance Specialists

Whether multi-unit condo
or highrise developments, Crosby
delivers professionalism, extensive
experience and accountability on
every project. This has earned
Crosby Landscape enviable
relationships with our owner and
property management partners.

Attentive Care for Property Managers

We understand the investment
made in outdoor common
space. We treat our projects as
if they were our own – efficiently
and cost-effectively. When it
comes to maintaining health
and beauty we understand that
proactive care prevents bigger
expenditures down the road.

Great Clients and Team Members Make Great Experiences

Crosby Landscape + Design understands that the trust of our clients is not assumed.
We work to win your confidence and even harder to maintain it. That’s why our
people are hand-picked for their respect and value of our commitments. Our team
are focused on the highest calibre installations and absolute attention to detail in
maintaining client properties. Whether commercial, multi-residential or single family
projects – every detail matters, and excellence is our bottom rung.




Ever wonder if you’re equipped to work with great people in long days of sunshine, fresh air and fulfilling work?

Team Crosby is always looking for the next great outdoorsman.
It takes a special kind of person to appreciate all the beauty of the outdoors,
(even in January) and bring that into residential and commercial applications for others
to enjoy. Families and businesses rely on our team to deliver beautiful and
transformative environments that enrich lives and offer tranquility and rejuvenation.
Consider joining the team, it could be the exciting next step you’re looking for.

Our Promises Rely
Entirely on Great People
on Our Team

Crosby takes the time to seek out
attentive, nurturing personalities
to assit with our client promises.
Our company goals can only be
realized by surrounding ourselves
with people that share our passion
and vision for high calibre outdoor
experiences. Sound like you?
Get in touch today!

Where we shine, and where you could make us stronger.

Keeping Green Investments Healthy & Beautiful90%
Landscaping Installation/Construction Management80%
Greenspace Planning and Design92%

While many landscaping companies will offer everything under the sun, we like to focus on what we’re best at.

Whether commercial applications or medium and high-density residential developments, we like to focus on the basics: strong planning and design that accentuates the space we’re working with. That means the right material selections that will thrive naturally, flawless installation and maintenance programs that get the most out of your investment for years to come. Year-round service including extensive snow and ice management programs ensure your property is beautiful and safe 24/7/365. If you’re considering an outdoor partnership don’t hesitate to reach out…we love to help avoid common mistakes and offer free advice.

Planning and Design

Measure twice, cut once. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. An ounce of prevention…you get the idea. A good plan and design sets expectations, defines budgets, avoids surprises and delivers an end result that’s on time and as desired. Includes sketch stages, revisions and material samples.

Grounds Maintenance Specialists

The care and maintenance of your property is a clear indication of your professionalism and how you do business. As specialists in medium and high-density developments, Crosby can deliver the best impression for your greenspace year-round. We have easy and scalable packages to suit every development’s specific needs.

Snow and Ice Management

Winter is inevitable, snow accumulation is unpredictable and ice can be hazardous. Crosby ensures safe and timely maintenance of your property including commercial parking facilities, salt and ice-melt applications, salt-free and non-corrosive ice melt applications and snow loading and removal services.

Plant Selection and Installation

Crosby removes all the barriers to achieving superior landscape design and installation. Our extensive practical experience ensures fiscally responsible recommendations for the right environment, form and function. And, you can rest assured we’ll deliver products suited to not only survive but flourish for years to come.

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