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Municipal and Institutional Services

On 06, Nov 2013 | In Services | By siteadmin

Inviting public gardens and transitional spaces.

Public Space Design and Construction

Public Space Design and Construction

Public spaces are important for fostering culture and getting people in your environment to interact. Developing a place that people are drawn to, that stimulates their interest and makes them feel welcome, is a talent our designers and technicians share. We can create beautiful outdoor spaces for everyone to enjoy.

“Crosby Landscape used their extensive knowledge and understanding of plants, combined with a sensitivity to colour, to design a garden we can enjoy year-round. Crosby’s professional attitude and attention to detail made this project a success.”

 – Municipal manager, London



Available Services:

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    Beautiful landscapes start with a plan. Crosby’s experienced landscape artists work with you to turn your dreams into reality. Learn about the importance of starting with a plan.

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    Let us do the heavy lifting. We work hard to understand your style, environment and how you’ll use your space.

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    No matter what the season holds, your time is better spent enjoying the outdoors instead of working on it. Let Crosby handle your weekly chores, giving you more time to enjoy your greenspace.

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